A tale of five cities

October 21, 2018  •  1 Comment

On the streets of Oxford
In the last month or so I found myself doing very different kinds of shoots in five cities, Oxford, London, Berlin, Ely and Cambridge.

First, after attending an inspiring talk by John Douglass on his style of street photography, I took to the streets of my nearest city, Oxford, to capture some of the people and the sights.  There were plenty of both!  I rendered all the images in monochrome, which often gives a better result for street photography, in my opinion.

Jordan, at the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford Oxford is a wonderful city with many interesting buildings and features.  I was back there a couple of weeks later with a striking model, Jordan, who enthusiastically posed at some of the iconic sights, as well as in some other attractive spots that we found.  She was very happy being shot in front of buildings used in the Harry Potter movies!

India on the North Dock Footbridge at Canary Wharf, London Next was a shoot at Canary Wharf in London, with my friend and beautiful model India.  We chose a striking costume for this location, and it was not easy for her on a rather cold and windy day, although the natural light was pleasing.  We got some great shots, in my view.

Potsdamer Platz 11, Berlin, illuminated in the Festival of Light Shortly after that I was on a visit to Berlin to visit family, and was guided around this astounding city by my daughter.  As well as taking all the tourist pictures of the main attractions (so many memorials!), which I won't bore you with, I tried to get some shots of some interesting things we saw, to capture a little of what makes Berlin so special.  I was lucky to visit during the Festival of Light, so spent one evening enjoying the sight of many prominent buildings illuminated by creative light shows.

The choir stalls in magnificent Ely Cathedral, captured through a fisheye lens Then it was off to Ely to photograph the magnificent cathedral, at an event organized by Olympus Image Space.  Acclaimed photographer of church architecture, Derek Forss, was our guide - he knows this cathedral well.  We were treated with views of the building from different heights as we climbed the 170 steps up tiny spiral staircases.  The huge contrast in light levels dictated the use of HDR for many of the shots.

Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, reflected in rainwater collected in a model of itself Lastly, a day spent in Cambridge with my other daughter, who was happy to guide me around the sights.  Not a lot of time for shooting, but some interesting images resulted.  Maybe not surprising, I found the feel of this city rather similar to the one I started in, Oxford.







You can see the collections of some of the images here:

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