New Forest

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

New Forest poniesNew Forest ponies Last Sunday, having a few hours free before the start of an RPS flower photography workshop (see previous blog), I ventured into the New Forest to see how it looks and feels in mid-winter.  My aim with my photographs was to capture the essence of how it is at this time of year.  Surprisingly green, and some gorse sprouting bright yellow flowers, as well as acres of dried-out gorse from last season.  It was very wet, swampy in places, and plenty of muddy puddles.

New Forest fungiNew Forest fungi Apart from expansive views, a closer look revealed some lovely detail.  Tiny mushrooms growing out of ground littered with nature's debris, and bright delicate flowers shooting from thorny branches.

And of course, the wild ponies, two of which obligingly posed for me, back-lit by the low winter sun.

New Forest shootNew Forest shoot It was good to be in this calm place and enjoy the stillness.  After getting the photos I wanted, I retired to a tea room in Burley for a coffee before joining my workshop in Ringwood.

You can see a selection of my New Forest images here


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