Beautiful Flowers

January 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

OrchidOrchid Always looking for something new in photography, I spent this weekend at an event organised by the RPS DIG Southern Centre, on flower photography.  It was presented and tutored by the acclaimed flower photographer Polina Plotnikova ARPS, who explained and demonstrated her unique style in this art.  On Saturday she showed us a selection of her striking images, revealed the background to them and her inspiration from classic fine art paintings.  In her lecture, she gave us a glimpse of her techniques, and on Sunday we were able to understand these in greater detail in workshops in which she guided us through the studio set-ups, lighting, and technicalities to achieve the kind of images that have made her famous.  The approach is like portraiture, in which each bloom is afforded the attention to bring out its characteristics, just as one tries to do in a portrait of a person.

MovementMovement Working in groups of three photographers, we had plenty of time to attempt these techniques for ourselves, capturing the beauty of a variety of flowers in different studio set-ups.  Although we could come nowhere close to the exceptional images created by Polina herself, we learnt a lot and, for my part, ended up with some pleasing images that represent something new in my photography.  I'm hoping that the techniques I learnt will add significantly to my future photographic work.

An aside:  this was my first studio use of my new camera, the Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark II.  Some of what I did would not have been possible with my old Mark I.

The lecture and workshop was held in Ringwood, Hampshire, and since this gave me a few hours free on Sunday morning, I ventured into the New Forest and took some winter shots there - more on that later! OrchidOrchid


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