Yellowstone National Park

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Lodgepole pines, pictured near Fountain Paint PotsLodgepole pines, pictured near Fountain Paint Pots Last week, during a short visit to Idaho Falls, I had the time for a quick trip into Yellowstone, possibly my favourite place on the face of the Earth. I’ve visited the Park on five previous occasions over the last twenty years, usually for a stay of several days. This time I managed only four hours in the park, but it was enough to briefly re-experience its extraordinary beauty and power. The tranquillity, contrasted with the enormous force of the geysers, the sights and sounds of natural beauty, the amazing colours of some of the thermal features, it all touches me deeply.

This was not a photographic visit, but I did manage to get a few shots (three of them here on this page), which will be featured on this website in due course. Meanwhile it inspired me to revisit the photos that I took on an earlier stay in Yellowstone, in May 2008, and improve a few of them with better post-processing. Nothing in Yellowstone has changed, of course, except that last week there were many more visitors than during my previous visits out of high season. The extraordinary colours of Silex SpringThe extraordinary colours of Silex Spring

In the busy summer period most of the wild animals retreat into the hills, and I didn’t have time last week to go exploring. But just to be in the environment of the Park, feeling close to natural creation at its most raw and most beautiful, soaking up the atmosphere; it was good for the soul.

Click here to see the photo gallery The star of the show, Old Faithful geyserThe star of the show, Old Faithful geyser



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