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The Rape of the Sabine Women, a sculpture by Giambologna. Unusual in it's day (1582) as being intended to be viewed from different directions. So that's what I did. On a short visit to Florence (Firenze), the capital of the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy, I had just two hours free to try to capture the essence of this magnificent city. Not just the much-photographed fine architecture and sculptures, but some of what I saw as I walked around in the sunshine. Sights on the streets that reflect how the city felt to me.

I had with me only my small compact camera (an Olympus Stylus-1S), but it does a pretty good job. And there's one shot taken with my phone.

A delivery of Chianti, the ubiquitous local wine I hope one day to return for longer and picture some of the many attractions that I missed. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy some of these images.

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