Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk.III vs E-M1 Mk.II

June 06, 2020
I've had the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk.II for several years, and the original E-M1 (now sometimes called Mk.I) before that. It's an amazing camera and I really appreciate feat...
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Photographing a large art work

February 20, 2019
An artist friend, India de La Rosée, asked me to create a reproduction of her work Longs Baisers, a canvas sized 200 x 20 cm. The quality had to be good enough to allow f...
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Photographing popular authors

October 29, 2018
Last week I was one of the three official photographers of the Wantage Literary Festival. This was an 8-day programme of events featuring presentations by celebrity autho...
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A tale of five cities

October 21, 2018
In the last month or so I found myself doing very different kinds of shoots in five cities, Oxford, London, Berlin, Ely and Cambridge. First, after attending an inspirin...
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Chillblast Fusion Photo OC Lite IV Photo Editing PC - User's review

August 17, 2018
I decided it was time for a new PC specifically for photo editing. My trusty Asus laptop, while quite powerful (with an i7 quad-core processor and a pretty good screen),...
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